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3D Product Visualization

- The term "rendering" is actually an old one, it just became more prevalent when 3D came out. A rendering is typically a picture or painting created to represent something, like a building. A 3D Rendering is simply an image that happens to have been created by a 3D Artist on a computer. Renderings are generated from 3D Scenesand the placement of 3D Cameras. The process of setting them up bears very little resemblance to the old hand painted ways. Each rendering can be generated to a difference size, where the term "high-resolution" comes into play. The 3D artist sets the size for the rendering and the computer processes it out, which could take minutes or hours. The larger the rendering, the longer the time needed to process.

Motion Graphics

- Graphics doesn't need to be static or fixed: it can float, jump, fly, dance around and transform in different forms. Once you set visual elements in motion, you can achieve stunning results which would be far too difficult to achieve otherwise. Motion Graphics is often used in ad spots, music videos and movies. However, sometimes it can be used for data visualization or live installations (e.g. on buildings). In all these cases, designers have a huge space to explore their creativity. On our web site, we present some excellent examples of videos in which graphics are set in motion, supporting the content, rather then dominating it.

Architecture & Engineering

- Adaptive Design is a leader and early pioneer in 3D Rendering and 3D Animation for Architecture & Engineering. We take your plans and sketches to make stunning 3D visualizations. Extensive media production, such as Video Production and DVD authoring ensure you get the best Renderings, fly-through Animations and visualizations presented in the best light possible.


Adaptive Design is a full-service visualization and communications company that provides sales and marketing departments, design firms, advertising agencies, and engineers with imagery and presentations to effectively visualize, present, and showcase their products.

Services include interactive media presentations and design, 3D and 2D animations and illustrations, motion graphics, and communication strategy.


John Heile has over 15 years of marketing and communications experience in digital animation, motion graphics, video and interactive media (CDs and DVDs). John draws heavily from his architectural experience and education.

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois, and a Master of Arts degree from UCLA. His extensive experience enables him to successfully combine digital media with art, engineering, technology, design and communication.

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"Adaptive Design always exceeds my expectations when it comes to their innovative design ideas, promptness, and customer service. They are always fully committed to my projects...and it shows. I highly recommend them if you want the look of cutting edge 3d animations and illustrations, packaged with a friendly, yet professional, business relationship."
- John Tiscornia: Tiscornia Marketing and Advertising
"We highly recommend Adaptive Design to anyone who needs 3d illustrations and photo composite renderings. They were very responsive to our needs, and produced stunning photo composites of our designs, that brought the project to life for our presentation to the City of Bremerton. These renderings were what sold the project, first to our client and later to the public."
- Bill Webb: EES Division Manager, Parametrix Engineers
"We have worked with John and Adaptive Design on a series of highly technical and highly detailed illustrations. His work continues to impress the end clients. He is a pleasure to work with and I'd strongly recommend Adaptive Design for any 3D illustration or animation project."
- Rian Fiske: Artitudes Design, Inc.
"John and Adaptive Design are top notch when it comes to 3D visualization. Over the years we have worked on highly technical projects, often on very tight deadlines, and John has always exceeded expectations. He is a true team player and brings the highest professional standards, while respecting time and budget constraints."
- Cecile Thomas: Make It Matter agency